Rosa & Horses

I finally concluded what were the mistakes I made that confuse horses. I was trying to shorten the reins but unconsciously pulling it back, I thought that equals to “shorten your reign!”. The kids was shouting at the far end, the reign cannot show as a curve, otherwise you cannot steer!
Also, I get to feel the exact timing when horses try to catch up your signal and start to do sth you asked. That is everytime instructor was not happy with my performance saying kick, kick. kick! I failed quite often in this manner, especially when I am with a wild horse. Basically, I stopped kicking at a moment before they understood the signal.
I didn’t manage to ring a bell in the previous lessons for these tricks. These dots are finally connected in my mind. I also feel appreciated for receiving all these “peer pressure and comments”. They are very useful.
At least, I finished most of the items in exams. I greeted the judges and received some applauses and nice pictures. 🙂 I also saw many advanced riders who look charming and elegant (both boys and girls). The goodie bag was extremely heavy with many bizarre stuff though. Dinner was completely junk food, but at least it was tasty. I sit at the table with all Dutch girls, they are friendly and distant, just like me… ahahah. I feel partially immersed in the Dutch culture and society. All in all, It was a great experience and I am so glad that I have participated.

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