The World Wanderers


We continuously try to learn who we are, to find the identify even we are out from our homeland. On one hand, we try to accept those compliments saying how our culture make us distinct and from which people could learn. On the other hand, we cannot wait rejecting the negative opinion towards us when people shares what typical (here insert nationality) people would do. In those visiting countries, we also feel proud to be exposed to those good conducts, proud not to be entirely the same if it comes to bad phenomenon. The notion of bad here is defined as against social moral values, even though this is defined based on western superior mindset philosophers. So my discussions here are entirely biased, which I couldn’t judge or find adequate reference to tell it is a good or bad thing. We cannot deny the fact that we are losing national identity even for those who have never step out the national geographical boundaries. Especially, in the conditions of western festival and trends that went popular or viral in other countries. Just like the show a suitcase of absolute nothing says, we have been looking for something, but we don’t know what that is.  It is just the procedure of exploring makes you feeling like being part of the journey. However, the reason we don’t know what that is, maybe is because it does not exist or the definition is always changing that confuse us to notice the preciousness around us. It is such simple concept isn’t it, but when it comes to our own condition, we seems to be blind and deaf again. We redefine ourselves based on others’ opinion, by the surroundings, by the education, parenting, experience with the new world and our own retrospection. What you have right now, is time and aspirations, just as you said. Till here, there is a sound of my supervisor in my mind – your paper consists of way too many high level but generic things… ahahaha.


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