The Dutch’s commitment towards success

What is positive is that Dutch people often end the conversation with the word success. If they know you who is going to do sth as a good blessing for the person they meet. I often hear people say that even between friends when they are saying goodbye to each other in the gym.

The first person i met was a technician who works in the media park which locates in Hiversum of Holland. He is in charge of the lightings of different broadcast projects. After having some personal conversation about each other’s ambition and family, and showing off my poor Dutch, the moment he left the train. Nice have met blabla PR shit, he said success with true sincerity. The moment you have been aspired  and motivated to the most capacity. You just believe in yourself in that moment rather than having the mindset “fake it until make it”. I think that is the power I want to reach in future career and role in the companies or even the global market.

The second one is when I was promoting a social event for the student association I work for, my Dutch teacher shared with me a personal story after seeing the venue where our event is going to host. She was responsible for a wedding as a service provider of a private wedding celebrations, and she went to this for offline support because of a good mood even though it is not her duty. Coincidently, her daughter was invited for the wedding party, so it is attendance from different perspective where all gathered in this place. That is how she align herself which this venue and have an personal attachment with it. So after saying I am helping for the promotion, because I am a brand manager for this student association. She responded “success”.



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