NYC Winter Storm & Beggars

J: You’re in new York? How’s the snow storm going there?
R: It was too bad, my flight was rescheduled into another day…
R: Everywhere was dark, and the train was stopped and hence I cannot go to my friend’s house.
R: I was literally sitting in the Burger King thinking about my life with other homeless people
R: They were even thinking about how to deal with the situation for me such as going to the hospital for the night etc
R:…because burger king is closing down going against its regular opening times in because of storm at 7pm though it doesn’t make sense to me. Hence, we need to find other places and no one knows whether the subway would restart
R: And it was my last day in New york so I am running out of cash too, one burger and 10 dollar prepared for the subway. So there was a decision about whether I should keep my body warm to eat more or prepare for unknownness.
R: so it turns out as a good decision, there was a guy who transferred us to another subway portal which is reoperating again for 10 dollars. It was such an unforgettable life experience!
J: Homeless as in people who didn’t have shelter or like people who usually live on the street? When did this happen?
R: yes! Oh Saturday, but they were friendly and living with integrity
R: I was eating some biscuit, and one of them saw it wanted to buy some from me. And she really paid though not much like 50 cents but I think they are nice.
J: Awww. Those sort of experiences make you think about life don’t they?
Makes me reassess what my priorities should be in life and everything
R: yeah exactly I was really impressed at that moment. These people are the really poor ones in cities like New york, and they don’t take things for granted. In China, a lot of beggars are not real and they trick for more money you don’t feel emphatic but found them shameful
J: Yeah I’ve heard that happens a fair bit. Not just in China, but in Australia as well
J: awful people prying on other people’s sympathies

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