What they taught you about…

What type of image signifying excellence? You never know. 

We need to feel grateful about the past, and present, friends and people around us. They way they treat you make you convinced that who you are. Further evaluate yourself how you are supposed to behave in the society. What is black and white, right or wrong. What is called social norm, and how does polite and highly educated shall look like. People also reevaluate your image based on how you are treated by others. This sounds like common sense, but you may not feel much about it if you do not experience them in person and be aware of the power of group influence. This change could be substantial especially in the case of influential force. If you are trusted by excellent people, then it is more convincing to others that reflects who you are. That might be accoutable about my doctrine of making friends of those top 20% on the pyramid. Moreover, the admire may stem from a discrepancy of age which conceptually widen the knowledge gap. Therefore, we are more likely to be effected by those respected who are commonly elder than us in evaluations. We need to feel thankful about the people we met, we were not able to “be arrived” (that far) without them, believe it or not. All the factors in life contribute to the present form of us. 



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