The role of my sun with lines

All of us were born to be something. Now I can see where my ambition, work commitment stems from. There are characteristics I inherited from my family which can never be changed by any external environment.

Whenever you heard about harbour, someone uses “ahuh” and then mentions manual workers. Then you know what they are thinking about but there is someone different who was in charge as we may defined as one of the top four global transportation centres. My father’s work ethics make people of all managerial hierarchy perceived his reliable image and then let him hang everything over. He even left for work when there was an issue that could only be properly addressed by him, even when My mum was during her recovering period after birth. Most of the time in life he is quiet, but he is able to talk any time on the stage without preparation.
My mum said that I can tell people accurately from as early as 6 years old. The sound of friends calling my name in my school age sticks in her mind. I am born to be likeable, who screw all different components together to make the big object stronger and not being destructed as she said. As she teaches, “you need to be familiar with people who are excellent being around with you, because in future you are not only part of them but also collaborate with them to be the role like them. And in the case of your father, he won all supports to be president”[so there is no excuse for other options].
Yes you are right, whenever I describe my father my pace is slower, because I am cautious and he is perfect. He does not want much publicity because he don’t care and thinks everything is not a big deal. Yup, it is not necessary either in that he is hero in my heart of all time. He seldom mentions his success in business negotiation but I found out he wins every time. When do I start to realise that I can do this too? I found out that I can defeat the undefeatable on negotiation table at home without reasoning.

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