Andy Warhol

Which of the following picture of Marilyn Monroe is your favourite? What do you think she in trying to say? Do you think they are all from the same piece of sketch? The answer is: yes. marilyn-by-warhol

The colour match with the portrait and the backgrounds offers a catalyst of interpretation of emotions from the same painting of Marilyn Monroe. Though the digital version of this masterpiece might sabotage the greatest exposing experience to it, at least four different emotions can be identified in the picture below.  His expertise in storytelling changes the viewers’ interpretation on his artwork, which largely depends on viewers emotion at that specific moment.  The space of imagination and freedom in interpretation created for painting appreciators is in line with the definition of the superb ideology. Confucianism teaches us that the best ideology gives readers their own chances to extend and recreate in their own mindset. That is what Andy Warhol is famous for. 

During a transition period of time for China, people are not allowed to paint or mention anything relates to Mao. He then created this work after gauging the limitation in that nation. The contracts in color enable the character to possess diverse mood status as shown. Likewise, how you understand these facial-expression as a non-verbal message all depends on your emotional status at that moment. That is the value and characteristics of his art.



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