Citizen Four

Well, I just found myself an entire serious person at a certain point. Since nobody is really watching, I don’t mind to reveal a bit more about me. 1.2 million people are placed on the watch list as a total population of some nation. I suppose I am not that “crucial” at this stage, and I don’t want it happens to any of my friends either because I know some of them are super intelligent on this.

I totally agree that we are being continuously motivated by what we have done. As you have already been incredible and standing out, you must be offered an situation where you realize the responsibility for a larger scale of people who if you act upon the principles you have devised, you might be able to change their life entirely in a positive way. 


There are differences in liberty, freedom and the concept of privacy. I think the former two would be the premises, and the later one only existed in a more developed environment where the citizens have some sense and awareness about their basic rights, knowing what they possess in corresponding to their identity. There are countries which have not yet achieved the first stage. It is definitely unethical to attack anyone they can just because they have an advantage. However, limitations and boundaries exist for long, and individuals would not be able to change it. If it is the same situation happening here, friends would be invited for conversations, families might be sent to a psychological shelter place, and you would be under political protection forever from any organization you never wanted. Yup, I know I am trying to be humourous, but again never being perceived as I expected.


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