Mona Lisa

The first time I get to truly know this masterpiece was from a conversation I had with one of my professors, who has long been an artist in heart, but a renown educator in the business school. His focus on fine art spurs controversies within the academia. Different dimensions of acceptance have been identified within the regions of China. His interest in research has been confronted with resistance from his colleagues in the east. The conflicts between the openness of this land and enclosed mindsets have frustrated this talented “artist” and so here I would like to share my thoughts and encourage those who are passionate about art to be persist on the path and break the boundari

Many visitors of the Louvre have the same feeling of disappointment. The masterpiece has been attached on a huge wall for presentation in contradiction to a fairly limited painting cloth. Loads of viewers flock to the site with their cameras in the air. As accessing to the most revolutionized work to the human civilization, this could be fairly frustrating experience. All the clear patterns and signs that seeded in the painting cannot be clearly identified concerning the distance between the work and the viewers. Therefore, I suppose appreciating this fine art by the virtual approach might be a better solution.

mona lisa

The perfect structure of this portrait has been speculated as a reflection of the persona of Jesus. The lighter background behind her head work as a symbol of the heavenly in contrast with the lower dark part. Her costume is naturally linked with the background of the painting from her shoulder. It emerged into the ground part of the natural landscape as a reflection of human suffering. It also reflects the human being as  an indispensable but a minor part of the nature. While at the same time, The route of mountain roads and river as well as forest in the far site shows the skills of the painter and his philosophy of the circulation in lives.


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